HITRUST Assessment XChange

Help! I have been contacted by the HITRUST Assessment XChange (the XChange). What does this mean?

An Onboarding Specialist from the XChange has contacted your organization because one of your customers has chosen to leverage the XChange as an extension of their Third-Party Risk Management program.  The Onboarding Specialist who contacted you is responsible for communicating requirements on your customer’s behalf, which may include specific information security and privacy requirements.

The Onboarding Specialist is looking to confirm that you are the appropriate contact within your organization for information security and privacy assessment requests. Once confirmed, they will send you the specifics of the request. We ask that you and your organization review the request carefully and direct any question to the Onboarding Specialist.

Please note:

  • If you already have a HITRUST Assessment report that meets the request and you agree to share the report with the requestor: Great! Let your Onboarding Specialist know and they will facilitate the electronic delivery of the request.
  • If you do not currently have a HITRUST Assessment report that meets the request: Our Onboarding Specialist will walk you through any questions you have on the process. This includes providing contact information to reach out to HITRUST about requesting the appropriate report per the request

The Onboarding Specialist will also be following up periodically about your progress to keep the requestor up to date.

Please respond to the Onboarding Specialist about the request to move forward with the process.


For more information contact us at support@hitrustax.com or call us at: 214-618-9300 ext: 1